Wang Xiaoping
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Dr. Wang Xiaoping MD & PhD, Professor of Psychiatry

Dr. Wang obtained his Ph.D. in Psychiatry & Mental Health from Hunan Medical University (1995) and did one-year psychiatric residency training with Dr. Guilbert in France in 1997, one-year Clinical fellowship of forensic psychiatry with Dr. Murphy in UBC, Canada in 2003. He was Assistant/Associate Professor of psychiatry, the second Xiangya Hospital, Xiangya School of medicine, Central South University, 1995-2005, and is currently Full Professor of Psychiatry and director of department of psychiatry & faculty and director of national clinical research center for mental disorders, Central South University, also vice-Chairman of Chinese Society of Neuroscience & Psychiatry since 2015, member of the standing committee of Chinese Psychiatrist Association since 2017 and council member of Chinese Society of Psychiatry since 2015. Dr. Wang’s research focuses on the bio-psychosocial contributions of violence in patients with mental disorders and criminal responsibility assessment in patients with mental disorders.